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Vrendi is the name of the small rocky patch of land between Mutelli and Taligari roamed by tribal barbarians. There are no clear borders to tell where the savage lands begin and end, but most know better then to enter without the consent of a Denmother for that would risk an attack from the Ironhides.

Vrendi society is simple and efficient as a tribe is led by a Denmother and her consort, usually the tribe Skald. Other roles are given to outstanding individuals rather then being hereditary. Females are replaced when they pass child bearing age, and are inducted as an elder. Vrendi men however, receive a call to travel, no one knows where to or why.

At this moment, Vrendi is in turmoil as rich thrill-seekers have come to hunt them down like animals, setting up camps all over the north of Vrendi. What makes it worst is that they are unable to respond to these outsiders since something is causing the tribes to fight among themselves.

Keywords: Headstrong, Ritualistic, Savage, Brutal, Insensitve, Honest, Xenophobic

People: The Children

Language: Vren

Allies: None

Enemies: Mutelli, Corrin

Fief Classes: Foxglove Ironhides, Aconite Maulers, Aster Huntmaster, Called Daughter


There is no noble house of Vrendi, instead all the Denmothers come together to form the Sisterhood. They convene once every year in a crater in the middle of Vrendi, each tribe takes a turn at playing host. Every seventeenth year, there is no gathering, in memory of the tribe wiped out by Corrin. Vrendi is perhaps the only fief that remembers what Corrin did and they still hate the imperials as if the wounds were still raw.

The tribes provide Corrin with the caribou skins instead of the normal tribute of food and gold. These skins make the best leather in the empire.

The sixteen remaining tribes are named after flowers that bloom in Vrendi.


Corrin Exalta Tebius