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Unlike the other fiefs, Vernius is actually two kingdoms that have lived in harmony for generations, the dwarves of Highreach and the Humans of Silvergate. Education is held in high regard here since most scholars and inventors live and work their magic here. The people are open and friendly, some would say a little too pleasant. Which is surprising since the wilderness of Vernius is constantly plagued by goblinkin and wargs.

Right now the current ruler is Duchess Sharon Vernius, and her advisor and Hand, Ulot Moneo (the position is usually held by a dwarf from Highreach.)

Keywords: Intelligent, Friendly, Inquisitive, Argumentative, Long Winded, Sophisticated

People: Vernian

Language: Vernian

Allies: Canidor, Toridei, Moritani

Enemies: Ecazzi, North Richese

Fief Classes: Ixian Sniper, BiIxian Linesman, Runecaster, Rake


Noble title was given to Leodigran Vernius after he successfully held Silvergate for three years, greatly impressing King Drewyn of Corrin, who had predicted the city would fall in no more then two seasons. But this was not his only achievement for while under siege he had managed to gain the allegiance of the then reclusive dwarves. By the last year of the siege, they had managed to discover and train runecasters, and while the city did finally fall, Leodrigran and his runecasters had managed to bring down nine full legions of Saduca, their numbers lost for good.

His descendants continue his legacy as patrons of research in many fields, improving the lives of Vernians till today.


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