Faction Card


Toridei lies on the other side of the serpent Ravine, at the north-west side of the Tangles. Magic is rampant here, every child born is attuned to magic some way, each able to cast at least one spell. The Toridanes call this a soulspell, it manifests when the child is about five or six. The people tend to speak with a sing song and accent and tend to be paler in complexion; they are usually lithe and small built.

The country is run by a council which is hereditary, usually falling on the first daughter of every generation. A son can also sit on the council if a daughter was not available.

Since they are across the ravine, Corrin was never aware of their existence until the Canii discovered them. Seeing that they both had a common enemy in the elves, they are now allies in the struggle against the Swarm. With the allegiance in place, trade also picked up with the constant convoys of bull griffin transports. The bond between the Canii and the Toridanes is very strong.

Keywords: Mysterious, Lofty, Kind, Self-aware, Loving, Trustworthy, Bold

People: Toridanes

Language: Torida

Allies: Canidor, Corrin, Vernius

Enemies: Elves

Fief Classes: Spellweaver, Daggerdance, Wrenmarc, Spellwhore


Not much is known about the history of Toridei since is a new addition to the Empire, as of now, scholars and libraries are willing to pay exorbitant amounts for toridane historical tomes and scrolls.

One thing is known though. As council families are marked with more potent soulspells, there is a noticeable delay in their manifestation. Some have speculated this is because council families tend to marry into each other’s families, which was thought to keep the blood strong.

For fear of losing the bloodlines, the council families have begun marrying their daughters into the other noble houses of the Empire. Asking only for the first-born daughter of the coupling. While some would consider this costly, the wisdom and beauty of the toridane women more the make up for it.


Corrin Exalta Tebius