Faction Card


Taligari is a giant valley, its Floor hundreds of feet below the rest of the world, only the giant trees are about the same height as the surrounding land. On the Floor lives creatures all sorts, trollkin, goblinkin, lizardfolk to some of the dire beasts like beholders, shadow giants… the list goes on.

The people here are arboreal, nearly never seeing the forest floor. They live in the trees, manipulating how they grow using harp music. These huge city trees are known as Heart Trees, each home to thousands of Taligarins. Most of its food is scavenged, as livestock cannot be supported and crops (mossy plants that taste like seaweed) could only be grown in limited amounts. Life here is bleak, the people constantly under raids from the lesser folk from the Floor. Communism is the backbone of Taligarin society, where depending on each other ensured survival.

Under the harsh conditions the military has evolved in to a guerrilla force to be reckoned with, bands of skulkers and shadowdruids patrol the trees and bridges in defence of the Heart Trees; constantly on the look out for infestations and attacks from the elves.

Keywords: Communistic, Generous, Cold, Curt, Wise, Ruthless, Calculative(Cunning)

People: Taligarins

Language: Imperial(Taligari Common)

Allies: Corrin, Ellyr

Enemies: Kaysani Reconquista, elves

Fief Classes: Skulker, Shadowdruid, Floorwalker


Instead of nobles, they are lead by elected Speakers. These men and women serve for a term of two years and cannot be re-elected for the rest of their lives. While Corrin was going about conquering the rest of the world, Taligari found itself under siege by a large goblinkin infestation. Knowing they would not survive long the speakers went to Corrin for aid, bowing down to Corrin rule.

One of Corrin’s Princes, Hastius, led the legion that assisted their new fief. Seeing first hand how the Taligarins lived, he managed to persuade his father to cede Taligari from giving tribute. Instead, their sons would forever serve as imperial guards to the Emperor (then king).


Corrin Exalta Tebius