Faction Card


A strong line is draw between the Richesian Aristocracy and its peasants. The nobles are enriched by the plentiful metal ores of the land surrounding Corrin while the common people make their way by farming. The two peoples tend to keep to themselves with the nobles in the north while the people occupy the south. Since the nobles own all of the land the people farm on, they are taxed not so much by money, but by their sons. First born sons are taken to be trained either as Earthshields, men armoured like tanks that serves as Richese’s army, or miners for the nobles.

What defines Richese is the strong steel they provide, its production a well kept secret that has made the fief rich beyond compare. With no need for technical advancement Richese finds itself somewhat stagnant and uneducated, which most find apparent from their slurred accent. Some have even coined the name ‘boulderbrains’. That aside, its people are honest and hardworking, while having a tendency to be wary of outsiders.

As of now, Richese has split, the North remains in the hands of House Richese while the South is now lead by a loosely formed republic of past peasants. With the undead set rampant by House Richese, Corrin has acknowledged the South as a separate fief.

Also note, to be a Richesian halfling is to be scorned by your own countrymen since gypsies are looked upon as naves and ne’er-do-wells.

Keywords: Bitter, Jaded, Simple, Nostalgic, Suspicious , Naïve at times, Can be Xenophobic

People: Richesian

Language: Richasi

Allies: North has none, South has ties with Mutelli and the ruling party accepts aid from Moritani

Enemies: North has attacked everyone along their borders, Innersea has been taking the heavy losses so far. South is too young to have made any enemies but the hatred for Canidor and Moritani still burns.

Fief Classes: Earthshield, Borrower, Deathringer, Rownne


House Richese started out as a poor blacksmithing family like many others that lived in the ore rich lands near Corrin. Their claim to power was the enhanced steel formula discovered by a young apprentice. With the money they generated from sales they started buying out the other businesses in the area, until they became the most influential and wealthiest family in the area. Many generations down the road, they owned a majority of the land in present day Richese.

The Richese family is large and always feuding, trying to place themselves in greater positions of power. Instead of a strong government and ruling family branch, Richese is divided among various barons and earls.


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