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Not so much a fief as a whole, rather, Mutelli is a coalition of city states that depend on each other. The city states are run by the Dons, all of which are descended from the great explorer Ceorl Mutelli. He was called the great explorer not because he explored new lands; he was known to explore the beds of women. His vices aside he was a talented artist, architect, sculptor and siege master, he could work magic with tools in his hands. The splendid cities of Mutelli are all of his design.

Mutellins are a vibrant lot; no other word does them justice, from the animated way they speak to their love of wearing bright colours. They are mostly friendly, sincere, fun loving and full of joy. Mutellins are also considered heathen since they do not follow the old gods.

Currently Mutelli is at war with Moritani over Heslor’s future. The heavy losses caused by the One Eyeds have led to the Electors to order that any of the eye patch wearing men caught was to have their trigger fingers removed.

Keywords: Disruptive, Loud, Jovial, Vibrant, Creative

People: Mutellin

Language: Telline

Allies: (Court of Shadows), (Heslor)

Enemies: Vrendi, Moritani, Dyvet

Fief Classes: One Eyed Marksman, Incognis, Ceorl’s Blood, Herald of Colours


After surrendering to Corrin during the Bending of Knees, Ceorl was ennobled for his prudence as a defence tactician and his amiable nature. He is also credited with the building of the Emperor’s Roost in Astium, the Palace of the Four Courts at the Capital and Venmoore College in Orathas. There are many more, but these are considered his best works. Legends also say that he had visited many beds of royalty during his stay in Corrin, for the generation after was one of great artistic appreciation… which veers very far from the warlike tendencies of Corrin’s royals.

A true house Mutelli does not exist since Ceorl didn’t allowed any of his children to take his name, instead they take their surname from their mothers. He did however; promise his legacy to any of his descendant that could unite Mutelli without a drop of blood shed.

This, of course, is a titanic task since Ceorl had fathered hundreds, some say thousands, of sons and daughters. So they got organised. They came together to form guilds and tried to lay claim to his legacy. Thus began the War of the Colours. Now a man reaching his 129th birthday, saddened by the turn of events he came up with the Festival of Colours. This allowed the guilds to compete in bloodless events for supremacy. However, this was a temporary solution as war would break out every few years. Poor Ceorl died before he found a solution that would last.

The guilds are the Greens (metal smiths), Blues (masons), Reds (bakers/butchers/food related), Teals (carpentry/woodworkers) and Whites (academics). Every city is divided into districts occupied by a guild, with the winner of the festival (results are tallied from ten years of games, so it takes awhile for hands to change) taking the government district and ruling the city.


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