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Known to be the only fief that voluntarily surrendered to Corrin, House Moritani took advantage of the freedom it was given. The land currently held by Moritani used to be three separate fiefs, the other two being Nethri and Harklos. In fact, Moritani’s brutal subjugation of the two other fiefs is what inspired the Code that all fiefs are required to adhere to. Ironically enough, the Moritani are known to be particularly good at using the Code in their own favour.

Moritans are intelligent to a fault; most have a cruel sense of humour and razor sharp wit. They look at the other fiefs with disdain, thinking them mongrels, fit only for manual labour. Even their elite unit speaks much of the fief’s character; the Facedancers are spies and assassins that can steal the form of anyone. Many are planted all over the empire, forwarding Moritani interests. All that aside, they are loyal, in their own twisted way to Moritani as a fief and Corrin itself.

Keywords: Cunning, Witty, Intelligence, Elitist, Disdainful, Organized

People: Moritani

Language: Moritane

Allies: Canidor, South Richese, Toridei

Enemies: Mutelli, North Richese, Daliradas, Elves

Fief Classes: Facedancer, Warddskrieg, Two coin Mercenary, Faceless(Heslor)


The scions of House Moritani have always been considered to be nobles, by the standard of those days. Not martial like most of the other royal houses, they are a family of diplomats and lawyers. They are, after all, the ones that brokered peace between Corrin and Moritani.

Long after the surrender, the house split up into twenty eight minor houses, each led by an Elector. Every generation they vote for one of their own to sit on the throne as Lord Count, leader of the Moritani fief.

As a family, they can considered quite close, the various Electors are known to send their children to each other for fostering at a young age to keep the family bonds strong.


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