Faction Card

Hokklin Cities

The Hokklin are a race of furry dog-like humanoids that are classified under goblins (hokkgoblin) for some reason. It is advised not to mention a possible relation to the other goblinoid races (something they call ‘play marder farder’.) They inhabit the vast tunnels under most of Corrin’s Seat. About five hundred years ago, the hokklins were allied to Corrin, building cities directly below Corrin’s own. Which is why Imperial Cities are still sometimes called Twin Cities.

A falling out caused them to shut themselves underground for the better part of five centuries. Only recently has contact been made again and ties renewed. Unfortunately, through the machination of one Ulot Moneo, some hokklin cities have allied themselves with the Red Knight Conclave and began assaulting their sister cities above.

Keywords: Mischievous, Rude, Unrefined, Inquisitive, Wild, Shady, Loyal, Streetwise

People: Hokkgoblin

Language: Imperial, Hokklien

Allies: Corrin, Mutelli

Enemies: North Richese

Fief Classes: Totem Anchor, Corsair, Cursehurler, Engineer, Forlorne


Tell you for fuck?


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