Faction Card


The glades and forests of Ellyr sit at the eastern most edge of the Empire, and they were the first to be hit and occupied by the Kaysani Reconquista. Before the Occupation, Ellyr was the home of fine craftsmen and was a major hub for export and trade, making them one of the richest fiefs in the Empire. Following the attack, they are a mere shadow of what they were. Many began leaving, trying to start a new life, but coming from a caste based society, they found that they didn’t really fit anywhere. Those that stayed fight a war of attrition against their current overlords.

Many have risked death to make their way up across the tundra to reach the Red Knight Conclave.

Keywords: Skilled, Lofty, Bitter, Meloncholic, Proud, Unhappy, Ruthless

People: Lyrans

Language: Lyri

Allies: Taligari, Crisir

Enemies: Kaysani Reconquista, (They resent the Imperials for not sending enough aid)

Fief Classes: Chironi Reaver, Nemoswarder, Kakios Partisan


Corrin Exalta Tebius