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A feudalistic fief, Ecaz’s culture is one based deeply in honour and tradition. The people of Ecaz are a proud, stubborn and independent people, who sometimes refuse help, even when they clearly need it. The plains of Ecaz are the breeding ground of the Eccan Warhorses, considered a lord among equines. The Ecaz take great pride in their steeds, and only the elite Bronze Helms are allowed to ride them into battle.

The peasants of the fief are natural hunters and trappers, completely at home in the sparse woods of Ecaz. This is the home of the longbow, its people marksmen with the weapon. One other thing the Eccane is known for is the reverence they have for the culinary arts. The greatest chefs and recipes have always come from here.

Keywords: Honourable, Duty Bound, Romantic, Stubborn, Proud

People: Eccane

Language: Ecazzi

Allies: Dyvet, Moritani

Enemies: Vernius, Canidor

Fief Classes: Bronze Helm, Sifmaiden, Grillardin, Voltiguer


Unlike other Houses, Ecaz was ennobled for what they did before their battle with Corrin rather then the battle itself. The day before they were to meet on the battlefield, Corrin’s campsite was attack by trollkin. Watching the dishonourable attack, the knights of Ecaz suited up and charged the trollkin, driving them from the field. When the King asked the knight captain, an old man named Anton Ecaz, why they had assisted Corrin; the man replied that he could not sit by and watch such a cowardly attack happen without tarnishing his honour.

The next day the two armies clashed for hours, but it was obvious neither was close to winning. Seeing that no man would walk away from this battlefield alive at this rate, the two leaders called a truce and came to an agreement. While records tell that the captain surrendered and swore fealty to the king, in fact it was the other way around, and to seal the deal, the young king married the captain’s daughter. This of course means that all the Emperors of Corrin have Ecazzi blood running through their veins.

Ecazzi was also one of the first fiefs to adapt Dyvet’s religion taking one of their gods as their patron – Sif, Lady of Battles. The Bronze Helm dedicate their lives to the Lady, going into battle for her glory. Nothing is more majestic then a battalion of Bronze Helms ready to charge, their colourful banners and pennants fluttering in the wind, the different colours of their many coat of arms shining on their shields and barding.

Today, Duke Armand Ecaz heads the fief, his wild younger days forgotten, he has grown into a wise and just leader. Trained in Corrin as an urban cohort officer, it is no surprise he is loyal to the empire. His wife Duchess Fhianna O’Deir Ecaz, one of Toridei’s council daughters rules at his side, advising him in matters of magic.


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