Faction Card


Very little is known about Dyvet beyond that is was named for a cleric who led its people when the red cloaks came. While its people are friendly, they are rather secretive. It is not even known how Dyvet fell to Corrin. One thing is undeniable though, soon after conquering Dyvet, Corrin adopted the old gods of Dyvet and their Elder Eddas, making it an imperial religion.

Dyvetins, as a people are religious to a fault, some even whisper of their likeness to the Kaysan, but obviously not in earshot of the faithful for fear of reprisal. The marshes of Dyvet are hard to navigate for those who aren’t native, as such; very few acolytes survive the journey to Dyvetus Primus, the great temple hall where Elderpriests are trained.

Keywords: Curt, Draconic, Charismatic, Religious, Traditional, Suspicious

People: Vetine

Language: Dyvetii

Allies: Most of the fiefs show ample respect to the home of the old gods.

Enemies: Mutelli, Red Knight Conclave, Elves, They dislike Toridei for their dependence on magic and lack of any religion.

Fief Classes: Elderpriest, Uskon Herra(Male) Uskon Frau(Female), Armoured Skalsang


Corrin Exalta Tebius