Corrin Empire

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The seat of the empire, Corrin is a well organised, clean and prosperous land covered with paved roads, aqueducts and booming towns. The people are well educated and fiercely loyal to the empire. Corrin does not have a class system, meaning all imperials are born equal and have a chance to excel in whatever field they choose. The people are logical, intelligent and surprisingly tolerant of other cultures.

Keywords: Bright, Utilitarian, Warm, Genial, Loyal, Dependable, Proud

People: Imperials

Language: Imperial(Common)

Allies: All fiefs save North Richese

Enemies: Kaysani Reconquista, Elves from the Tangles, Hokklin Rogue Cities, Red Knight Conclave

Fief Classes: Saduca, Thaumaturge, Coldstreamer, Urban Cohort and Whisperer.


A hundred and sixty years before Corrin became, a young warlord named Justus Corrint set out to unite the various factions settled around the Felryne Rivers. In two years, he carved out a kingdom through blood and diplomacy. What made him different from most conquerors was that he did not believe in assimilation – instead, he supported diversity and allowed his people to grow, culturally.

He did, however, have dreams of building an empire… He knew that the young nation he had founded was far from ready for something of that scale, so instead he began the ground works, paving the way for his descendants. Six generations later, Corrin swept west and south in what is now called The Bending of Knees. True to their lineage, the Corrins held true to their namesake’s beliefs. Instead of assimilating the people, they allowed them to rule themselves, granting nobility to the men of worth who had lead their peoples in defence.

Seven hundred years have passed since Corrin became an empire, House Corrin has ruled well and the people have prospered. Any enmity held by the fiefs has all but evaporated. New enemies have drawn them closer… the Tangles from the south and the zealot like Kaysani, from the east. Can the Emperors of Corrin prevail? Only time can tell. As they’ve said, may Corrin endure.

The current Emperor Derus struggles to hold Corrin together as infighting has begun anew, not to say the outside forces ready to pour in. He is assisted by his Four Queens, his mother; Queen Anifel leads the Court of Industry; his aunt, Queen Adrise, the Court of War; his sister, Queen Justine, the [[Court of Love(welfare)]]; his cousin, Queen Jycquin, the Court of Law.

A lesser branch of Justus’ descendants, House Cordance leads the Empire’s Court of Shadows. Formed a few years after The Bending of Knees, they are charged with protecting the empire… through any means. While the existence of the fifth court is well known among the people, no one can truly say they know anything about it.

All the fiefs are part of the Empire, due to the unique ideal of allowing the people they’ve conquered to keep their culture instead of assimilating them, Corrin’s inhabitants are varied and colourful.

Leadership of the various fiefs were given to the outstanding people that stood up to the Corrin invasion during the Bending of Knees. Over time, the fiefs took on the name of their ruling houses save a few. War between the fiefs was allowed and sometimes thought to be encouraged since that would mean the fiefs could never unite and overpower Corrin itself. Also due to this ongoing fighting, each of the fiefs tends to have very different cultures. The Empire has stepped in at times when they thought one of the fiefs was too close to irreparable ruin, learning from the mistake they made allowing too much freedom to Moritani.

The fiefs are Richese, Hokklin Allied Cities, Vernius, Ecazzi, Dyvet, Canidor, Toridei, Moritani, Mutelli, Vrendi, Taligari and Ellyr.

Corrin Empire

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