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Home of the Crag lords, Canidor is a mountainous region. Instead of digging in like the dwarves of Vernius, the men of the Crag built wondrous sky cities atop their peaks. The mountains however are bleak, treacherous and unforgiving. They use magic to sustain hydroponics farms to sustain their population and due to their unique situation, the people have depended on their charismatic leaders and bards to survive in such harsh conditions.

Music and mirth are prized in this part of the Empire, bards and entertainers hold a certain amount of prestige.

Archduke Jeston currently rules Canidor, although getting on in his years; he isn’t worried about the future. His son Tebius, a Stormsinger by training, has shown himself more then capable of ruling the fief. With various other relatives rising in the ranks of the Skymages and Stormsingers, House Canii has and will always have an active role in the defence of the realm.

Keywords: Loud, Charismatic, Hardened, Loyal, Boisterous, Rowdy

People: Canii (Kay-nigh)

Language: Canian

Allies: Moritani, Vernius, Toridei

Enemies: Ecazzi

Fief Classes: Stormsinger, Skymage, Galoshin


The people of Canidor had always lived in difficult conditions, living humbly on the foothills of their mountainous region. This changed when a Mage, Quintus and his wife, Aedri, found a way to grow large numbers of plants in a confined space and developed some form of weather control. Using Aedri’s position as a master bard, they set about to improve the quality of life for their people. This sparked a golden age for the mountain dwellers, as they began building cities high above the mountains.

When the legions of Corrin came, wizards and sorcerers took to skies on griffin backs and rained fire and lightning from the above. Even then, the war did not go well for them, since Canidor hadn’t a proper army on the ground. Corrin slowly took the cities one by one.

An old and tired Quintus found himself defending his beloved mountains from the red cloaked Imperials. Slain at the deciding battle, he impressed then King Drewyn enough to ennoble his sons. This was prudent politically speaking as well, since the Canii family was well loved by the people.

When Quintus’ wife Aedri signed the treaty, King Drewyn suggested she start an academy to train mages to fight from the back of griffins. Her hatred for Corrin aside, she knew good advice when she heard it. This is the fruition of her labour, her gift to Canidor, in remembrance of her lost husband.

The Stormsingers are another legacy of Aedri Canii, she had started a school to train bards to manipulate the weather in defense of the cragtop cities and to assist Quintus and his mages in crops research. When the war came, they were tasked with holding seven of the major cities – those were the only ones that did not fall. Had there been more Stormsingers then, perhaps Canidor would still be independent.

As the old hatreds died out, Canidor became one of Corrin’s most loyal fiefs.


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