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  • Corrin Empire

    h1. *Faction Card* h2. +Corrin+ The seat of the empire, Corrin is a well organised, clean and prosperous land covered with paved roads, aqueducts and booming towns. The people are well educated and fiercely loyal to the empire. Corrin does not have …

  • Kaysani Reconquista

    To the south-east of Corrin lays Kaysan, a religiously fuelled empire that seems intent on Corrin’s ruin. They are led by the zealot like Priors and the Hidalgo, the Pure Blooded. The Kaysani are an inspired people, ambitious and intelligent. They believe …

  • The Tangles

    South, beyond the serpent ravine lays the Tanglewoods, inhabited by the much hated elves. Unlike elves that most people know, the tanglewood elves are not tree-huggers or ‘one with the wood’. Hell, they’d be more then happy to tear down a tree to make …

  • Red Knight Conclave

    Little to nothing is known about the upstart nation forming far up north of Corrin. There are rumours, though, that it is ruled by an avatar of a new god.

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