DISCLAIMER: If you’ve just browsed to this site and looked about, you will notice many of the names come from the Dune universe. This is intentional, I built this campaign when I was very young and Frank Herbert has been a huge influence.


The Corrin Empire has existed for a few hundred years, maintaining a delicate balance within and without, its various fiefs are kept at odds while they continue to give fealty. Only in the recent fifty odd years has the Empire truly been shaken to the point of crumbling.

The Empire is beset from all directions. The locust-like Elves from the south, beyond Moritani and the Serpent Ravine, bent on engulfing most of the Empire’s southern border. The fiefs Moritani, Canidor and Toridei taking the brunt of the attacks. From the south-east, beyond the steppes arrived the Kaysani Reconquista claiming the fertile plains of the Seat theirs before.

House Richese’s undead has also become a substantial threat that was not forseen, legions now watch the Seat’s western border to deter undead incursions. Other small issues that gnaw at the Empire is the discovery of dissenting Hokklin cities that exists below the Seat and rumours of a new nation founded on religious grounds far up north.

To the players,

This is will be Corrin Exalta’s new home, from now on all world notes and such will be added here.

Corrin Exalta

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